The term web design and web development are often used interchangeably by people with the intent of creating a website. As trends move into the direction of the consumer, web design and website development become more popular. One of the reasons it is becoming confusing for the consumer is because most people searching for this talent are not technically inclined.  People have the experience of looking at their screens and interacting with designs. However, web design and web development are two separate skill sets, that intersect occasionally.

Let’s explore why…

Web Design

This facet of the website building process deals primarily with aesthetics. According to Indeed, the average salary for a web designer in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area is 47k, while a web developer’s salary is approximately 68k. The difference in compensation is directly applicable to the skills and experience demanded of the respected positions. We design encompasses selecting layouts, color palettes, creating and incorporating graphics, fonts, multimedia, navigation, and content placement. A web designer will focus on user experience and user interfaces such as HTML and CSS.

Finding a web design & web development hybrid is the equivalent of finding a unicorn, outside of Starbucks.

Web Development

The web development aspect of website creation is focused primarily on technical, mechanical, and organizational structures. Web development is the backbone of a solid website that enables functionality, durability, and security. A developer (aka programmer) will ensure functionality in various browsers and operating systems. They enable security compliance, setup server load, and propose hosting solutions. Large and dynamic websites are usually backed by web development teams because content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal may not be able to handle complex databases. Developers can specialize in programming languages such as PHP, JavaScipt, Ruby on Rails, ASP, or SQL, amongst others.

Website Development Unicorns

Both web design and web development teams need each other, and their paths cross often during the website building process. There are unique website developers that are proficient in web design and web development. They are not common though, because they are the antitheses of each other. Combining analytical engineering mindsets of developers with artistic free-thinking perspectives is a challenge for most professionals- though, not impossible. Here at Azoolu, we have two unicorns, and no, we did not get them from Starbucks.

If you are in the market for a new website or a revamping your current website, you will invariably need both skill-sets to complete your project. Whether you select our team at Azoolu or another agency, know that selecting a company that establishes a collaborative and harmonic working relationship is essential to your project’s success.

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