We Don't Make Excuses About PPC Management, We Get Results.

Our PPC management experts will work with your budget, create a profitable Adwords management strategy, select the right pay-per-click services, and get results fast.

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PPC Management Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Let Today Be The Start of PPC Management!

PPC Management Discovery

In the first stage of your PPC management, your campaign team will gather information about your products and services, analyze your business goals and translate them into KPIs, review your website (after all that’s where people will end up), and determine your competitors. This phase sets the stage for the discovery of your strengths and weaknesses and which pay-per-click services will be right for you.

PPC Research & Strategy

We’ll craft a PPC management strategy for these and anywhere from hundreds to thousands more. After your keywords have been established, we’ll structure your account by the campaign, ad group, and keyword. All the details from your pay-per-click services, the types of Ads you will be showing, your primary ad schedule, to your budget, will be addressed. We’ll finalize a competitive strategy and implement tracking on your pages.

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PPC Management Company

Adwords Management in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale 

Adwords Management is Tough, But So Are We.


With an Adwords management account, you get to determine the amount you spend to the penny. Bidding will stop once you hit your selected budget, so you won’t amass a huge sum. A few factors determine your ad spend.

  • Internal Budget
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Market Competitiveness
  • Your Marketing Goals

Once we run a general campaign, we’ll scrutinize the data to determine if we can better allocate your budget to more effective times of the day or week. There are a few variable that can affecting the dates of your ad.

  • Your Operating Hours
  • Customer Leisure Time
  • Customer Shopping Habits
  • Your Budget

SEO is a long-term strategy. Our Adwords management team can get you results while you’re climbing through Google page ranks. An effective campaign is no easy feat, but its worth the investment.

  • Shorter ROI Cycle
  • Fast Results
  • Scalable Campaigns
  • Valuable Insights

Effective Pay-Per-Click Services Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Either You Run Your Pay-Per-Click Services, Or They Run You.

Pay-per-click services are effective tools for promoting your business and getting some leads coming in, fast. SEO success often takes time to reveal itself. Between Bing Ads and Google Adwords management, your PPC budget and strategy is easy to control and change at any time. Our Pay-per-click Services team can give you a reliable flow of traffic while you grow your organic results or give you that competitive edge.

Pay-Per-Click Services
  • Algorithm Independent
  • Efficient
  • Fast Results
  • Lead Insurance
PPC Management
  • Laser-Targeting
  • Local & National Customers
  • Rich Functionality
  • Detailed Reporting
PPC Company Benefits
  • Brand Recognition 
  • Business Opportunities
  • Target Audience
  • Valuable Data
Adwords Management
  • Difficult Keywords
  • Strategy Litmus Tests
  • Message Crafting
  • A/B Testing
PPC Management

Results-Driven PPC Company in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale 

We're a PPC Company Thats Finishes Strong.

PPC Company Finessing 

Once your PPC campaign is up and running, our PPC company will monitor the determined key performance indicators (KPIs) in Adwords and web analytics. We’ll work on refining your keyword list by searching new keywords, eliminating poorly performing keywords, and adding harmful keywords to negative lists. We’ll always be tweaking your strategy, finding new opportunities, and testing better Ads.

PPC Reporting

Your PPC company will be tirelessly tracking your campaign’s performance. We’ll keep in touch with regular updates and meetings. We’ll always make sure you get a full report with your KPIs in focus every 2 weeks. We’ll be there every step of the way.

Hire Our PPC Company!Hire Our PPC Company!
PPC Management Testimonials

We've spent loads of time and money paying for ppc management to companies that didn't quite deliver results. We are so happy with the success Azoolu has brought us through well executed ppc campaigns, we're never leaving them! Every person I have had contact with has been awesome and I'm glad to call these people my friends. Thanks guys!

Julia CôtéOwner, Simmer & Slice

I'd consider Andrea a well rounded ppc management expert. We hired Andrea and her team after managing pay-per-click services in-house and needing an extra boost to our sales. We've worked with other companies in the past, but the relationship with Azoolu has made us really happy.

Linda FarrellMarketing Director, Funnel Learning

Azoolu has helped with a tailored approach of pay-per-click services and has helped increase our sales by 15-20%!

Raj MittalMarketing Director, Aria Medical

I have been working with Azoolu for the past two years. They have consistently delivered impressive results in the areas of Adwords management and Google organic search. More importantly, Azoolu seamlessly integrates with my in-house marketing team and communicates so that we’re always delivering with results.

Alessia HernandezMarketing Manager, Vessel Technologies Ltd.