R esults, results, results. We hear about it everywhere we turn; the words spill out of our bosses, clients, and the media. Results are the validation of successful marketing campaigns, but how do we get results? As a business owner specializing in the digital marketing world, I have found that daily task implementation is not enough. To really become successful in your marketing efforts you need to use the power of intention to solidify your direction in the long run. Our minds are incredible organs that transcend physical brain matter and are capable of truly remarkable conquests. I use intuitive processes to create intention and purpose for our digital marketing efforts in multidimensional ways. I begin every day with rituals that manifest my desires into reality, and I’d love for you experience what feels like magic, to your marketing endeavors as well.

Ingredients for A Digital Marketing Plan

When starting a marketing campaign, how you set everything up in your mind and on paper counts as your foundation. This can be done by writing down specific goals, seeing the success of those goals in your mind, or creating abstract art of what that success ‘feels’ like. It really depends on how you imagine and bring ideas to life. When commencing a digital marketing journey with a client, my first step is to get a pulse of what success looks like to them. I listen to the verbs they use, the energy around their marketing experiences, and the reasons behind their quantitative goals. If their expectations line up with a realistic timeline and our communication styles match, we move forward with a mutually beneficial relationship. Disqualifying clients when starting your business can be counterintuitive but if you cannot make your customers happy, then the project is doomed from the start. Avoid the headaches and possible legal troubles and move on!

Quiet Your Mind,
And A Universe of
Digital Marketing
Ideas Will Speak.

Brewing Marketing Ideas

After my initial consultation, I dive deep into market analysis for a day or two. My aim is to get an understanding of what we are up against and what it will take for my client to stand out. Once I absorb all the information that I have gathered, I meditate on it. How new age of me, I know, and why thank you. I let all the information brew and open my mind up to digital marketing solutions of all kinds. I move on to keyword research (SEO, yay!), determine the content categories, and start connecting the dots of what we will say to what we want to get from our content. I meditate a bit more the next morning and magically, pieces of the puzzle come together like stars aligning. Social platforms that would work best for the client’s goals become certain, campaign timelines show up on a calendar in my mind, brands develop personalities, and website pages get their keyword placements and headings. Now, this is my process. You may get your ideas in the shower, while running, or in your dreams, and that’s just a taste of when your brain is brewing ideas!

Digital Marketing With Coffee

Each morning before I start my day, I sip my coffee and set intentions for my digital marketing projects. I look over my list of projects, and I decide what I want each to become and why. The why has to be bigger than immediate and obvious goals such as ‘make the client happy’ or ‘increase project ROI.’ For me it’s what that campaign is giving back to the people it is seeking to make revenue from. And, I am not alone in this ideology. Visionaries such as Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Dalio, Oprah, Russell Simmons, and many others swear by meditation as a tool that has catapulted their success.

At Azoolu we work with companies that align with our values of making the world a better place. We choose organizations that we believe are offering good products and services, otherwise, no matter what digital marketing magic we create, continuous negative experiences on the customer’s end will bring any marketing campaign to the ground. I consider marketing a middle man, a matchmaker, or conduit that uses intention to channel experience into results. And I use the tools of meditation to channel ideas to life.

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