About Azoolu's Full-Service SEO, Social Media, & Web Design Agency

We’re a full-spectrum SEO, Social Media, Web Design &  Ad Agency in the Greater Miami area and beyond. We offer 25 years of experience in SEO services, social media services, web design services, brand development and custom marketing services!

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The Digital Marketing Zookeepers

The Azoolu Way

We are a team of innovators. We strategize, craft, develop, energize, obsess, remove opinions, and persist – because we love results. The pursuit of mastery in our work fuels our efforts every day, and our clients’ success is the key motivator behind it all.

You dedicate your valuable time, energy, sleep, tears, and sometimes blood, to your company’s success. We understand the passion and dedication you have to your business, your employees, and your clients. We do what it takes to get to know all facets of your business from your industry, to your competition, your products and services, stakeholders, company culture, and most importantly why you do it all.

We take your marketing investment give our valuable time to your cause and uncover what your personal success looks like. We are at a stage of mastery, and true success and fulfillment on our end is helping others achieve their goals and being better for crossing our path. We enjoy working side by side with people that grow as a result of our efforts and spread positivity from their success to others.

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Meet The Digital Marketing Zookeepers

Meet the team that will tame that marketing beast for you, while contributing to the digital environment.

Juan Camlo Dias

Juan Camilo Días

Web Design & Development Director

Juan has a deep appreciation of structure and design, whether applied to website creation or while restoring one of his many vintage American muscle cars.

Juan has developed countless websites during his professional career. He uses his extensive expertise in web applications and programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and API's, to take clients' websites from average, to fully-capable and seamless multi-tier systems.

Juan has an uncanny ability to develop secure and robust sites, while balancing design aesthetics, and user experience. When he's not creating unique online experiences, Juan spends his time with his family and visiting his home country Colombia.

Andrea Krizankovicova

Chief Executive Officer

Eliana Alvarez About Azoolu Marketing

Eliana Alvarez

Creative Director

Some people are creatively inclined. Others are more analytical. Eliana happens to be a proficient at both. Eliana loves culture, music, movies, and travel. She keeps her eye on the latest developments in the tech world, and immerses herself in creative works from all over the globe.

Eliana is skilled in graphic design, branding, video editing, story creation, design layout, illustration, typography, and brand creation. She has lead a series of awe-inspiring creations, digital works, and print campaigns.

In her professional and personal life, Eliana never stops learning and seeing new things. Eliana is an avid keychain collector and social butterfly. If Eliana weren’t creating perception-changing designs she’d be listening to a worldly playlist while strolling through a new museum.

"Code is the bridge between ideas and reality."

Juan Camilio DíasWeb Design & Development Director

"What we do in life echoes on Facebook and Twitter."

Andrea KrizankovicovaChief Operating Officer, COO

"Art allows us to find and lose everything, all at once."

Eliana AlvarezCreative Director
About Azoolu Marketing



noun, singular

  1. an SEO and Digital Marketing Firm based in Miami, FL.
  2. a group of digital marketing experts obsessed with mastery.
  3. the language of the Azoolu Marketing team, based on a client success dialect.
  4. the Pursuit of Mastery in a Digital Zoo.


  1. of or relating to strength, persistence, obsession with detail, data-backed actions, creative graphic works, and digital marketing success.